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Peterson's Data Collection

Data Collection Services

Peterson’s experienced and credible research team qualifies us to be an invaluable partner for your research and data collection projects:

  • Peterson’s has over 40 years of research and data collection experience in the higher education and high school markets.
  • Our experienced staff is trained in survey design, data collection, direct outreach, and database creation.
  • We offer the flexibility and customization in the timeframe you require.

Peterson’s Research Services

  • Research project consulting
  • Project scope development
  • Definition of target audiences and appropriate survey and data collection strategies and target metrics
  • Development of proven, effective survey question types that complement Peterson᾿s existing data elements where appropriate, thereby increasing efficiency of data collection and leveraging existing data
  • Consulting services for efficient and thorough annual data updates and refreshes
  • Tactical follow up plans, including email, and direct outreach, to ensure the highest possible response rates
  • Detailed plans for search engine development and hosting of finished projects

For more infomation, contact us at:

Stephen Sauermelch

8740 Lucent Blvd. Suite 400
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129