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Case Studies

Peterson’s works with a wide range of partners to create unique education solutions, powered by customized research projects, and developed and executed by Peterson’s as described in these case studies.

When AES (American Education Services) needed a partner to collect data for nursing programs covering LPN through doctoral programs in three states, they called on Peterson’s. We worked with them to design the survey, collect the data, and present the information on the AES Web site www.educationplanner.org.

When Yahoo! Internet Life wanted to produce an annual Web presentation entitled “Most Wired Colleges” they turned to Peterson’s to assist with the survey creation process and data collection efforts.

When the Career College Association needed a partner to produce their annual membership publication, they asked Peterson’s to design the survey, collect and verify the data, and publish their directory.

Similarly, Peterson’s will work with you in the areas of survey design, data collection, direct outreach, and data cleansing, as well as your specific requirements regarding final output files and custom web site development and hosting.

More Case Studies

"The data provided by Peterson's is an invaluable resource. These data exist nowhere else in this detail over such a large span of time. I fully expect the research we produce from these data to contribute substantially to the literature, and encourage researchers interested in the study of higher education to consider collaborating with Peterson's."

University of California
John T. Yun
Assistant Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, University of California, Santa Barbara
Director, Center for Educational Leadership

"Education Life, the quarterly supplement of The New York Times, regularly uses the statistics collected in the Peterson's survey of colleges and universities for its Data column."

New York Times
Jane Karr
Education Life, The New York Times

"Peterson's proved to be an invaluable resource during our 5 year partnership. During this period the Imagine America Foundation was always treated as a "partner" not another customer! I wouldn't hesitate to work with them on future projects."

Imagine America
Robert L. Martin
Imagine America Foundation

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